Completion of Sandstone Wall Upgrades and Repairs

Enhanced Protection and Usability

The Central Coast Council is pleased to announce the successful completion of restoration and enhancement works on the sandstone log wall at the Canton Beach foreshore. These essential improvements have revitalized the popular beach, making it more resilient against erosion and improving its usability for visitors.

Response to Weather-Induced Erosion

The need for these upgrades was prompted by significant weather events, including an east coast low in March 2022, which caused Tuggerah lakes to overflow. This overflow exceeded the height of the existing wall, leading to severe erosion and causing the sandstone logs to shift seaward.

Comprehensive Restoration Efforts

The completed works not only repaired the damage but also introduced several upgrades to strengthen the wall against future weather events. The specific enhancements include:

  • Elevation and Structural Improvements: The height of the sandstone log wall was increased, and a stepped finish was added to prevent erosion, reduce subsidence, and facilitate easier access to the beach.
  • Drainage Enhancements: New drainage systems were installed behind the wall to manage water flow more effectively.
  • Beachfront Sand Nourishment: Additional sand was strategically placed along the beachfront to help mitigate future erosion.

Joint Funding and Support

This restoration and enhancement project received joint funding from the Australian and New South Wales governments through the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements, in collaboration with the Central Coast Council. This partnership underscores the commitment to maintaining and improving the region’s natural resources and infrastructure.