The Dredge Pump Gearboxes

Final Stages of Production for Katsa’s Dredge Pump Gearboxes

Katsa is nearing the completion of their latest innovation, the Dredge Pump Gearboxes, designed to withstand the rigorous demands of dredging operations. These gearboxes, capable of handling 1330kW at 1600rpm, boast a significant dry weight of approximately 4700kg, making them robust and reliable for heavy-duty use. They are expertly engineered to optimize performance and durability, ensuring they are nearly ready for shipment.

Innovative Design Features

The gearboxes feature a direct connection to the dredge pump, power take-offs (PTOs), and an integrated, hydraulically operated wet-running clutch. These components are controlled by a sophisticated gearbox control unit equipped with a CAN-bus interface, highlighting Katsa’s commitment to cutting-edge technology and functionality in their products. This configuration not only enhances operational efficiency but also contributes to the gearbox’s superior performance in challenging environments.

Collaboration for Customization

Developed through a collaborative effort with the end-customer, Katsa’s gearboxes are tailored to meet specific operational needs. This partnership approach ensures that each gearbox achieves the highest levels of reliability and efficiency, particularly under harsh dredging conditions. “The gearbox’s design is a result of our close collaboration with the customer, aimed at maximizing reliability and efficiency in the demanding environment of dredging,” a Katsa representative explained, emphasizing the customized nature of their product solutions.

Compact and Efficient Design Integration

Marc IJzerman, Sales Manager Industry & Offshore at ADS van Stigt, shared his enthusiasm for the project’s successful outcome. “We are thrilled to see the dredge pump gearbox, a collaborative development with Katsa, come to fruition,” he stated. The integration of the dredge pump’s thrust bearing with the output shaft as the impeller shaft contributes to a more compact design. This strategic integration not only saves space but also enhances the overall efficiency of the gearbox and pump combination. Furthermore, the inclusion of a PTO for operating a gland water pump is crucial for maintaining the gland water seal, an essential component for the longevity and effectiveness of the gearbox.

Ready for Market

With these final adjustments and tests nearing completion, Katsa is excited to announce that the Dredge Pump Gearboxes will soon be available for delivery. This marks a significant milestone for the company as they continue to expand their portfolio of specialized industrial solutions, reinforcing their position as a leader in the dredge equipment market.

By integrating robust design with state-of-the-art technology and customer-centric development, Katsa remains at the forefront of supplying critical equipment to the dredging industry, ready to meet the demands of global customers.