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Cemtrex Inc., a leading provider of advanced security technology and industrial services, has recently secured $3.8 million in new orders through its subsidiary, Advanced Industrial Services (AIS). These projects, spanning industrial sectors, signify significant growth for AIS.

CEMtrex Secures $3.8 Million for Industrial Service Projects & AIS Expansion

One of the projects involves a $2.2 million contract to upgrade a geothermal system for a Northeastern school district. This comprehensive upgrade includes the replacement of key components such as pumps, drives, heat pumps, piping, valves, recovery units, fans, ductwork, and control systems. The completion date is set for August 2024.

Additionally, AIS has been awarded a $1.6 million contract to manufacture a critical component for a motion control technology company. This marks the second phase of collaboration between AIS and the technology firm, with production slated to begin in the first quarter of 2024 and conclude by October 2024.

Saagar Govil, Chair and CEO of Cemtrex, expressed confidence in AIS’s expanded capabilities and its ability to drive profitable revenue growth. He emphasized the company’s success in securing contracts across various government and industrial verticals.

With these new projects, Cemtrex reaffirms its commitment to delivering innovative industrial solutions while continuing to expand its market presence.

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